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Ole Miss First
University of Mississippi


Ole Miss First provides scholarships to students that demonstrate outstanding scholastic achievement and leadership. Over the course of their four years at Ole Miss, scholars meet with their mentors and attend monthly dinners so that they receive the support, guidance and encouragement they need to take chances, to explore opportunities, and to make a difference. Whether they are future engineers, graphic designers, or fiction writers, Ole Miss First scholars find common ground in their desire to succeed. The scholars come from a variety of backgrounds, each possessing unique characteristics that help make Ole Miss First a truly special organization.

Ole Miss First scholars have been recognized for their achievements while at Ole Miss in a variety of ways including awards selected by faculty and the student body, invitations to honor societies and awards based on academic specialty. Below is a list of some of the awards our scholars have received over the years: ASB officer, Hall of Fame, Ole Miss Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Rhodes Scholar, Taylor Medal, Truman Scholar, Class Favorite, Homecoming Maid, Freshmen Council, ODK, Columns Society.